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About Shawna

Hello! And welcome to my site! So glad you stopped by. My name is Shawna Duvall and for the past few years I’ve called the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina home. I’m married to my best friend, Greg, and we have three amazing kids. Over the years my journey has taken me from Texas to Asia to Michigan and beyond. I completed my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University (Gig 'em!) and then went on to receive an MA in Intercultural Studies at Wheaton College. Since then I have been immersed in raising kids, serving our community and pouring my heart into teaching women the Word of God in our local church. 


People often ask, “What wakes you up in the morning?” Aside from stating the obvious (ahem…coffee.) I am strongly motivated by a sense of calling to help women know, understand and believe God’s Word – and not just know it, but be transformed by it. To taste and see the amazing grace of God in Christ Jesus revealed to us in His Word, and then GO and live it out in the spheres of influence that God has uniquely entrusted to them. I am a huge advocate for not just teaching the Word itself, but teaching women how to study the Word for themselves. I love the Scriptures. They are life and breath to my soul. In them we are able to come face to face with the magnificent love and glory of God Himself.

My other passions include marriage, adoption, parenting, discipleship, the church, Biblical womanhood and women in leadership. When not studying or writing, I spend my time discipling women in our local church, trail running, sifting through the fridge to piece together dinner for five, and supporting my crazy-gifted hubby in a marriage ministry to combat-wounded veterans and their spouses.  Additionally, I have the privilege of working part-time with a local non-profit supporting children and families in our community.


I have served as the women’s director of discipleship and training at our church and on various leadership teams. My experience also includes speaking at women’s retreats, conferences and events, leading discipleship trainings, writing and teaching women’s Bible studies, contributing in panel discussions, teaching alongside my husband in marriage-focused events and other opportunities. My current project is a Bible study for families walking through the Book of Acts.



And finally, don’t let this polished profile fool you. I’m a woman in deep need of grace minute by minute. I still feel like I’m figuring this all out myself. I still wonder if I’ll ever “get it together”. I still get frustrated that the same old temptations and sins keep tripping me up. I still marvel that God is infinitely patient and loves this prone-to-wander soul so much that He would give me a seat at His table. I still keep running to Jesus, my Rescuer. He is real. And His Gospel is true. And there’s a world out there that needs to know what it’s like to be able to exhale in His sovereign grace and salvation. So, if you’d like, let’s link arms and walk this road together…shall we?


What I believe

My core beliefs are aligned with what has been outlined in The Gospel Coalition’s Confessional Statement. Click here to view:

"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving."

                         Amy Carmichael

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