The Grace of Chaturanga

I pulled this one out of the archives and thought I'd repost...maybe some of you can relate. Even though this was originally written two years much still rings true for me. It was a good reminder to my soul today. _________ It's day six of full court press. My man is on a trip and I've been working zone defense, one on three. I know...that doesn't add up and no coach would ever call that play. But here we are. And yesterday afternoon I felt weariness set in. I heard myself speaking more snippy than sweet. And I felt that knot of stress I carry in my chest growing from bouncy ball to beach ball size. This morning we were running wild late to school, but I took a minute to open the la

Remember No More

I'm struck today with how much my God has forgotten when there is so much to remember. I am Israel at heart. I have boasted and depended on my own strength. I have neglected orphans, widows, and the oppressed in exchange for my own comfort and self-prosperity. I have bought into deceit and have allowed it to delude my thoughts and actions. I have wandered from the God who brought me up out of the land of slavery and rebelliously declared myself The Queen. I have prostituted myself to shameful idols and worshiped them using my Father's good gifts. I have neglected to tear down the high places with sloppy and apathetic holy living. I have been half-hearted and unfaithful to my God, often