heard. seen. known. loved. (part 2 of 3)

Sometimes I don't have to dig too deep for words. They flow easy because what I'm experiencing in life and what's written in the Text just seem to collide. This is true today as the pages fall open to the plight of the Israelites in Egypt. As I read my thoughts go something like this, (and picture fist to chest), "Oh, man...I feel ya' on this one, peeps. I feel ya' deep." No, I don't have evil taskmasters demanding me to make bricks and find my own straw. And no one with a sword or club is threatening my life while I work. I am not in literal slavery (Like many are even in this moment. Join with me in begging God for their freedom. Come, Lord Jesus!) However, I do resonate on some level with

heard. seen. known. loved. (part 1 of 3)

This post is for the downcast. The ones feeling oppressed by circumstance, who feel "under" it all. Those overwhelmed by the lingering heat of the fire. And for those that have been praying for change. And praying for change. And still praying for change. It's for times when you feel like instead of sojourning through the desert of affliction, God has instead pitched you a tent and asked you to stay awhile. It's for beloved ones who are crying out for help...wishing and hoping that someone would notice and care and just throw them a bone. These places can be lonely. Sometimes others, except maybe a few close friends or family members, are totally unaware of the inward battle day after day. O

The Gospel "Unshaded" (an open letter to the church in response to "Fifty Shades of G

This is post from three years ago when the first movie in the Fifty Shades trilogy was released. On February 8, the final film will hit theaters. While the storyline has shifted, the overarching themes and destructive views on sexuality remain present. If you are considering reading the books or viewing the film this weekend, these words below might prove helpful... _______ Originally posted: February 12, 2015 Dear Church Family, A few days from now hundreds of thousands of people will be flocking to theaters to see the new film, Fifty Shades of Grey. It is based on the first novel in a trilogy that has sold over 100 million copies as of Feb 2014 and joined the ranks of best sellers like t