Five ways to start climbing out of that pit (especially on days you don't want to)

Some days are diamonds, aren't they? And some days...well...some days melancholy comes knocking at the door. When it does, we have a choice. We can open the door wide, welcoming it on in to stay awhile. Or, we can choose to do what may feel unnatural and take action steps towards sending it on its way. I had one of those "struggle" days the other day. The kind where I just wanted to throw in the towel, give up and hide under the covers. Lies swirled, emotions bounced all over the map and nothing really made sense. It could have been a waste of a day, but a few small decisive moments made a huge difference. They might not be the "cure all" for the blues, but these are a handful of tried and t

Consider how the water falls...

Our family stayed closer to home this Spring Break, exploring a portion of the Pisgah National Forest called The Land of Waterfalls. This one in the picture we had all to ourselves. It's called Moore's Cove, accessed by trail only. The photo doesn't do it justice...never does (especially when this girl is taking the photo...ahem.) If you look close enough you can see my son standing just behind the falls, drenched in spray and swallowed up by cavernous rock. In the magic of the moment, right before we left, we stopped to do something a dear friend taught me. Whenever she is out with her kids deep in creation, they pause and each find a spot to sit, listen and observe. After a few still minut